Rabu, 08 September 2010

Unforgetable Moment

hello, it's been a second time for me to posting in my blog..
and i really want to tell you what is in my mind, about a few month ago i went to sentul with joudy, moudy, dwiky, qidh and bemby..i have a great time there, so many things we have done there, like swim, see the scenery on a mountain top, and many more(Y)
i really miss that moment, i hope we can do such thing again someday..this is some of my unforgetable moment:

*Bemby. Qidh and Me

*Dwiky, Qidh

*Bemby, Moudy, Me, Dwiky, Joudy(in the middle of dwiky and qidh), Qidh

*Qidh, Me, Joudy, Dwiky and Bemby (picture was taking by Moudy)

*Moudy and Me

and you know, i will never forget this moment, this will always be my unforgetable moment!!!

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